add a personal touch

On-site Live Calligraphy

We provide our unique services to create an engaging and memorable experience for private corporate events. By engaging our skilled calligraphers, you can have personalized gifts for your guests during the event that will leave a lasting impression of the occasion.

Engage us to create a holistic craftsmanship experience for your private corporate event – every engagement comes with a complimentary artisanal set-up (if space allows) where we showcase unique tools and exotic leather, creating an eye-catching display to keep your guests engaged.

wide range of medium

Leather, Paper and Beyond

Our calligraphy services are not limited to just leather products and can be done on many other mediums.

Elevate your event with the beauty of handcrafted calligraphy, tailored to perfection for you.

  • Hand-engraving on glass (wine glasses, perfume bottles etc.)
  • Gold foiling calligraphy on paper (invite cards, thank you cards etc.)
  • Pyrography on wooden surfaces

Questions? Find our FAQs below or contact us


Suitable Products

What types of products can be personalised with calligraphy?

Our calligraphy services can be done on a range of materials including leather, glass, paper, wood etc. Contact us with the product you'd like us to personalise and we can advise accordingly.

How does the personalisation process work?

Depending on the material, we use different techniques - from gold foiling, engraving to using paints

Can I use my own products instead of purchasing from you?

Yes, we can personalise on your own products, if the material is suitable. Do send us an enquiry with a photo of the item and we will be able to assess accordingly.


Can I choose the font and style for personalisation?

Absolutely! Our calligraphers are able to offer a selection of styles for personalisation.

How long does the personalisation process take?

The time required depends on the complexity of the font or design involved. Typically, we take ~3-5mins per item. (approx 100pcs per 3 hours per booth)

Do you offer customisation options besides initials or

Yes! We can incorporate custom designs, or special messages onto the products. Share your ideas with us, and we'll work together to bring them to life.


What do you require us to prepare on-site?

We will work according to the space that you can provide us on site. Typically, a standard table size of 100cm x 60xm is sufficient. We may also require an electrical outlet.

Can I hire more than one calligrapher?

Absolutely. We are able to cater to multiple calligraphers for your event.

What is included in your rates?

Our on-site calligrapher rates are charged per booth per hour. Each booth will come with one calligrapher. In addition, we provide a complimentary artisanal set-up (if space allows) where we showcase unique tools and exotic leather, creating an eye-catching display to keep your guests engaged.