At Hides and Thread, we create car key covers for a wide array of car brands from Japanese and Korean cars to Continental cars and Luxury or Supercars.

As our car keys are designed to encapsulate the entire key, it is suitable only for smart car keys. Keys from older generation cars may not be suitable.

1. Selection of Leather

Our car key covers are made with the finest leathers from sustainable and renowned tanneries. Choose from a range of vibrant colors from our Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather range or opt for a premium look with the exotic leather range. Our crocodile leather comes from the well-renowned Heng Leong Tannery which supplies to the LVMH Group.

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2. Choosing Colour

Your car key cover is a reflection of your style. Customise the leather and thread colors with your favorite colors or to match your car / car seat colors.

If you are unsure what colors will work well, check out our Instagram for reference photos or drop us a message to consult our Artisans.

3. Personalisation

Make your leather car key cover your very own with our personalisation service. All our car key covers comes with complementary simple embossing of your name/initials, Chinese surnames. We can also cater for your very own logo (additional charges apply).

Consult our Artisans if you have any other personalisation requests.

Handmade to Perfection

3D Modelling

In order to create the perfect fit for every car key, we map the shape and intricate details of the car key into a CAD program. The 3D printed mould forms the base for wet-forming process of the leather.

Handmade Process

Our experienced Artisans create every leather car key cover by hand – from intricately hand-cutting the shape of the car key to hand-stitching every stitch – taking hours to complete this work of art.

Packaged for Delivery

Every leather car key cover is packaged in our designed packaging (dust bag and box) and sent to your doorstep by our trusted courier.

  • Simply fill in the order details here and make the payment to confirm the order. Alternatively, you can contact us prior to placing your order so that we can guide you through the selection of the colors.
  • Please send us a photo of your car key so that our artisans will use the correct mould
  • For most cases, you do not need to leave your key with us as we have a mock-up key for most car brands. You simply have to provide us with a photo of your car key.
  • However, in the rare case that we do not have a dummy key, we may request for you to place your key with us for a couple of days so that we can ensure that we provide the right fit for your key.
  • We typically take about 4 weeks to complete your order depending on our existing list of orders.
  • If you have an urgent request, please contact us.
  • Yes. Our leather car key covers are not fully stitched so that you can remove your key from the cover for battery replacement.