For Crafters / Designers / Creatives:

We believe in working with like-minded creatives. The spark of fresh ideas helps keeps us excited to continue innovating and creating new designs. Contact us at to explore possible collaborations.

Our Collaborations

Check out our past collaborations below.

Craft Edulabz x Hides and Thread

For our collaboration with Craft Edulabz, we had in mind to offer Father's Day workshops for their Dads to bond with their children through a full day workshop - a design and laser cutting class followed by a leather-crafting workshop - to create their own cardholder and keyholder. However with this virus situation, we quickly [...]

Furquisite x Hides and Thread

Combining our expertise of leather crafting with Furquisite's knowledge about the needs and wants of dog owners, we created a series of premium leather dog collars. We selected the suitable materials for these collars to ensure that these lovable pets feel comfortable in them. Now available on our webstore. About Furquisite Find them at [...]

Doraecyscraps x Hides and Thread

Stacy, the founder of Doraecyscraps, is a local book-binder with more then 10 years of experience in this field. With her experience in book-binding, we collaborated for a client's project when they were looking for customised hand-made books as gifts for their event. Together, we curated the suitable leather for the A5 Notebooks, which were [...]