Launch of the Atlas Collection

Launch of the Atlas Collection

The Atlas Collection

Bespoke and handmade products often come at a premium pricing. Every bespoke order takes a long time to finalise the design, source for materials and finally produce.

Many of our valued customers requested for small leather goods which they can receive in a short period of time but yet not typically found in departmental stores. We realised that these customers are indifferent as to whether the product is handmade or factory made, especially when it comes to small leather goods, as long as they meet these three key factors (i) sensible design; (ii) good quality; and (iii) reasonable pricing.

With that in mind, the Hides and Thread team set out to create a line of small leather goods that meets these criteria. As leather-crafters, we are very particular in our search for a trusted production house. After months of search across different countries, spending good money on obtaining samples and reiterating our designs, we are finally ready to launch our first collection of small leather goods – the Atlas Collection.

This collection is targeted at customers looking to purchase them as gifts for their family, friends, business partners etc. This range of small leather goods is not your typical cheap leather goods that are typically made in PU leather or low grade Saffiano leather. Our Atlas Collection is made to exude luxury yet at an affordable price.

As a small leather house, we are constantly pushing out ideas and testing the market with our new products. We hope that you like this first range of our Atlas Collection.

The Leather

We carefully select the type of leather to ensure that you get a quality leather product that will serve you will in the years to come. Our products are guaranteed to be:

  • Soft to the touch – The Atlas Collection is made in full-grain calf leather which are soft yet durable.
  • Scratch resistant – We chose a pebbled textured leather for areas which are often exposed and prone to scratches, while using a smooth nappa leather for the interior components for a luxurious feel.
  • No Flakes or Peeling leather– We only use real and high-quality leather in our product. These are not the typical Saffiano leather that most brands use. You will also never get a case of flaking leather, which is a common flaw in PU / faux leather.

The Colours

The Atlas Collection uses two main colours – Navy Blue and Burgundy Wine. Over the years, we found out that these two colours are the most requested colours by our customers. We also love how these colours complements each other perfectly to create a sophisticated look.

As most leather products are commonly made in the boring black or brown, we want to break out of the norm and offer colours that are different yet readily accepted by our customers.

Check out our new collection of small leather goods (passport holders, cardholders, key holders and lanyard) at our webstore here.

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