Craft Edulabz x Hides and Thread

For our collaboration with Craft Edulabz, we had in mind to offer Father’s Day workshops for their Dads to bond with their children through a full day workshop – a design and laser cutting class followed by a leather-crafting workshop – to create their own cardholder and keyholder.

However with this virus situation, we quickly pivoted to offer these a gift set for Dads instead. With their expertise in design and laser cutting, Craft Edulabz will help us with laser engraving unique designs onto our products. We look forward to future collaborations and designs with them!

About Craft Edulabz

Craft Edulabz’s vision is to make the learning process appealing and fun for everyone

In this fast-evolving world, there is an increasing emphasis on skill-sets (particularly in science and technology) over qualifications. Individuals are no longer expected to simply excel in school but to have unique skills that give them the competitive edge in a future workforce with careers unknown today. As such, young individuals need to be well-exposed and trained to be adaptable, so that they can cope with the rigor demands of tomorrow.

Here in Craft EduLabz, we believe true learning takes place beyond the textbooks and can be maximised through kinaesthetic learning. We strive to enhance the learning process of every child through appealing and fun hands-on activities, which are deliberately crafted to provide broader perspectives and therefore deeper understanding of scientific concepts learned in school. The activities will also progressively empower a child with more autonomy, so as to create opportunities for self-directed learning, critical thinking and the reflective process of evaluating one’s progress.

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