4 Reasons to Attend Leather Crafting Workshop with Your Team

Leather crafting workshop may be the perfect solution for your next corporate team building activity. They are safe, hassle-free, fun, and fulfilling! Find out more about our team building events.

Use Leather Craft Events For Corporate Team Building

“Teams that craft together, stays together”

Are you searching for a unique team building activity that can bring your team closer? Fancy dinners, rooftop bars, karaoke sessions, escape rooms, cooking classe etc. – been there, done that. Why not try something different for your team building session this year? Put your handicraft skills to good use by creating a simple leather project during our leather crafting workshop.

Leather crafting workshops are perfect if you just want a fun and productive team building activity that gets your creative juices flowing by giving you a basic idea of what to do. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should consider a corporate leather crafting workshop for your crew:

1. Hassle-free

Everything will be prepared for you. You do not have to purchase your own leather crafting tools and materials. All your team needs to do is to turn up on time for the lesson to begin! Moreover, the lesson has already been planned out for you. In most cases, you will just need to inform your leather craft instructor about your team members’ specific preferences (if any), be it the type of item you’d like to create, leather colours and customisation options. From there, the instructor will adjust his or her plans to meet your needs.

2. Relaxation and stress relief

Spend time together with your team mates outside of work and strengthen the cohesive spirit. Have fun for your team building activity by crafting a leather item together. Not only is this a refreshing activity, it also serves to relieve stress (some hammering involved to release that rage!). You and your team members can hang out and relax with one another in a non-office environment.

3. Instils meticulousness, patience, and precision

For beginners, leather crafting can be a tedious task. However, the result of creating something from scratch is truly satisfying. During the corporate team building leather workshop, cutting, edge finishing, setting buttons are some of the most common processes that you will learn. You can also take up the challenge by opting for hand-stitching projects, weaving braids or create complex designs.

4. The sentimental factor

Your whole team will leave the team building activity with a completed leather project customised to everyone. This creates a common identity between you and your team. When you look back at your handcrafted piece, it will remind you of the good memories from this team building activity.

Who can you call for corporate team building leather craft events? At Hides & Thread, we curate services for corporate teams. You can get in touch with our dedicated leather artisans by sending us an email at craft@hidesandthread.com.


Why Leather?

Leather is a truly versatile material. It is cleanable, durable, and possesses a beauty that improves with age. Some leathers develop a natural, shiny patina over the years. That layer is formed depending on how you use your leather item and how well you maintain it. That is why you can call that leather item your own. No one has a similar one! With leather, you can make wallets, cardholders, coin pouches, keyholders, passport holders, and many more. That’s not all. Even if you are not planning to use the leather item for yourself, it can be made as a personalised gift for a loved one.

Let’s take the Italian Buttero leather as an example. It is a premium vegetable tanned leather that comes from the Italy-based Conceria Walpier Tannery. It possesses the characteristics that have been described above. What’s more, it comes in orange, blue, green, whiskey, brown, maroon, and black colours.